I’m a PNW girl at heart, wife to my college sweetheart, and momma to the sweetest little girl. When I’m not working you can find us in the mountains riding in our jeep with my dog Tater running alongside us. As a forester, you’ll find me anywhere between the wheat field to somewhere tucked in the woods. Whether it's in the fields or high up on the mountain, I will be there to capture this special moment in time for you. 

When my first nephew to joined the family, I upgraded my camera to capture the little one and all his adventures growing up. I didn’t know that it would then turn into me capturing his amazing parents, the rest of my family, and then my friends and their families as well. That was when I noticed my hobby was turning into something more and meaningful.

It wasn’t until I got married and worked with my wedding photographer that I realized this passion could be something real. After that, I had been helping capture weddings with other photographers then a good friend of mine asked me to capture her wedding. The rest is history as I continue to capture one adventure after another and I absolutely love it.  

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I truly believe that laughter is the best medicine for anything. But those moments when you laugh so hard that it feels like your stomach might burst are my favorites.

Uncontrollable laughter

It's no suprise that as a forester, I'm obsessed with everything outdoors. I love exploring new trails in my jeep and finding hidden treasures. It's my favorite place to be, and where my soul is the most calm. 

The outdoors

I'm a sucker for those details that are passed down through generations, and make your day even more special. Give me all the heirloom pearls, worn boots and veils that make my heart flutter.

Strong details

Whether its my sweet mini-me, my husband or my dog Tater, I love having a good adventure buddy with me wherever my next adventure takes me. I believe all the best moments are shared with the best companions

A good companion 

I believe the best adventures are found when we take the road less traveled (in the best buggy of course). I live for the moments when I find a little surprise in the most unexpected places.

Off-Road adventures

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