1st Wedding Anniversary in the Mountains

This past weekend my husband and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary. The year flew by SO fast, we don’t know how it snuck up on us. With it being the busy season at work for Tyler we didn’t get to do a far get away but we still managed to get away at one of our home’s away from home. To celebrate, we first treated ourselves to a very nice steakhouse dinner in Lewiston Idaho, where we ate way to much food but dang it was delicious! Then we took a beautiful drive to the blue mountains where we set up my camera to take pictures at a lookout overlooking the canyon and watched the sunset. We took pictures at this exact spot at the sunset of our wedding day so it was awesome to relive that moment again! Tyler was such a trooper dealing with me telling him where to stand and then me running back and forth as I worked the timer on my camera. After a while Tyler said “just 3 more pictures” but then the sun set did a 360 with crazy colors and I wanted to do all the poses all over again haha. THEN after that a crazy thunder storm was brewing on the other side of the mountains behind us and Tyler thought the clouds looked so cool that we got to take all the picture poses AGAIN. So we ended up with like 30 photos when we planned for 10. I couldn’t be happier with how they turned out though, and I’m so grateful for my husband who puts up with me wanting to take a bajillion photos. We spent the night at our family cabin in the blue mountains where we drank our favorite beer and listened to our wedding songs. Tyler even turned on our first dance song and danced with me right there in the cabin <3 This probably isn’t how most couples spend their first anniversary, but this was totally us and I would not have wanted it any other way.