Moscow Idaho Summer Elopement

I had the pleasure of meeting Ellie and Phillip just moments before they said their vows. They had been engaged for a few months and decided they couldn’t wait to get married so they gathered some family together to say their I do’s on a Wednesday summer afternoon. They had asked me to take the photos just a couple weeks before the big day and I was so excited to photograph such an intimate time. When I got to the Arboretum, Ellie was hiding in a car while everyone else was getting ready. Phillip was standing by a bridge just past the red barn waiting for his soon to be bride. I went to Phillip and had him turn around so he couldn’t see the bride walking up. Ellie, escorted by her father, snuck up behind Philip until I gave him the okay to turn around to see his GORGEOUS bride for the very first time. They both cried, the family cried, I cried. The ceremony was short but sweet, and so so meaningful to Ellie and Phillip. After they officially tied the knot, we took all of the family group photos, then I took the bride and groom around the Arboretum for more pictures, and so they could spend some sweet first moments together as husband and wife. Ellie and Phillip were so stuck on each other, I barely had to direct them in any photos which made it really easy to do my job. They were so passionate for each other and it shows in every single photo I took. I may have only been there for a couple of hours but no words can describe how grateful I was to witness and capture such an intimate time. I got to meet the sweetest family, the most perfect bride and groom, and we were all so blessed for perfect weather! Could not have gone any more perfect.